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Hepsan Vaseline
Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, is a pasty and semi-solid gel that is extracted from petroleum products by chemists. For about 150 years, this product has been found in the homes of most people around the world as a useful product with various uses.
When we spread Vaseline on the skin, it is not absorbed by the skin and covers the skin in a protective and waterproof layer. Therefore, it creates an excellent protective barrier on the skin that prevents dryness and moisture loss from the skin. This issue is especially important for people who naturally have dry skin or suffer from irritating dry skin in the cold and dry weather of autumn and winter.
Vaseline can also be useful for moisturizing dry skin after bathing. This product is a good choice for dry and cracked heels, hands injured during work or gardening, and improving flaking and excessive dryness of the elbows or the skin around the nails.

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